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Stainless Steel - silent enclosure design, single or three phase, 60Hz 1,800 RPM, brushless alternator, Smartgen controller, residential grade silencer, interior light, trickle charger, maintenance free batteries, exterior fuel fill with locking cap, 400Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, 200 gallon base mounted fuel tank, water fuel separator, 12 Month /1000 Hour Warranty 

Deutz 90kw Stainless Steel Generator Package

  • Swedish brand, whole engine all origin from Europe. *Emission standard-EU II, EUIII both standard series for different markets.


    *Range 65KVA-550KVA, perfect performance on power continuous output, emission control, fuel consumption cost, vibration etc. Strong load capability for surge power, good for equipment like Crane tower etc.

  • Get as large a fuel tank as you require for your own special needs, maybe you need removable doors for a tight installation space, a 90 degree shaped exhaust pipe, how about a special power output range to meet your personal requirements, or any other special features you need.


    Carib generators will have your specifications properly designed and installed by professionals right at the manufacturer factory.


    Custom designed generators are our specialty.


    "We Make It Happen - Its' Just That Simple"

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